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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Christmas MOC collaboration: Inquisitor

 Merry Christmas-ish... ok so it's post Christmas, but I'm chilling at home with my youngest brother and we didn't want to watch Revenge of the Sith after Rogue One like the rest of the family so a collaboration was undertaken to make the most of an evening not spent upstairs.

We call it... looks at bro for a name...
Anythink&Everythink (Bro's Instagram handle): The White Knight...
Cure-all Pill: that's lame...
Any-etc.: Collabron?
Cur-etc.: eh...
Any-etc.: the Spaceship.
Cur-etc.: No.
Any-etc. The x-wing canopy spacething...
Cur-etc.: ... that's trademarked.  I propose Walpurgisnacht GTV8-2000
Any-etc.: (one google search later) That's dumb.
Cur-etc.: Inquisitor, Vindictor, Remediator: Radiator... Inquisitor?

After a long time we chose: Inquisitor

The central cockpit was my brothers job and I built the right engine without seeing it, and the left engine when the rest was finished.

The yellow accent was chosen strictly because I had a limited selection of long antenna colors... Ice planet orange, dark bley, and yellow (which offered the best color pop).  after that we found ways to sneak in more yellow.

The underside of the cockpit is the cockpit canopy in white braced up by a clip (also holds the insufficient landing gear), and limited in space and studs... to be clear... there aren't any.

I would have most likely trashed the cockpit at this point... but I turned around and my bro had found a way to brace his figure inside.

I suggested attaching the console to his feet and the result was born.

The design is off center and asymmetrical, partially by intent... and um... because the collection wouldn't have it the other way.  Necessity is the mother of invention.  I like to think the rear engine on my bro's cockpit is a compensatory thruster to help with counterbalancing the larger engine.

Two years ago I showed my brother how I sort Lego elements when facing storage constraints and he has expanded it based on my philosophy of shapes.  Overall the MOC took 1.5 hours to assemble.  We finished it inside the run-time of Revenge of the Sith.

Happy holidays, and until next time, Cure-all Pill