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Monday, March 16, 2015

6830 Space Patroller Alternate 2

When last we met, I assembled a 6830 Space Patroller alternate, and due to budget cuts in the creativity department I'm doing it again.

Actually, I quite like this alternates fiddling, and as it gets more challenging... maybe I'll be able to, have to? share the frustrations of failure.

I plan to do the series as I go through and update the Futuron set posts with better photography.  This, since I'm a few pieces shy of the Space Police series, for reasons previously outlined by Jang (My response)

So; here we have a Hoverchair.

And a robot dog.

Overall, it's a very simple build, but beyond that...We have the technology!

The future is now.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

6830 Space Patroller Alternate

This is an alternate from 6830 Space Patroller.

I used the picture on the back of the box and built the radar tower. In other news, the blog post for 6830 Space Patroller was my first review, and I have given it the old 2.0 improvements.  Better camera + better background + better pictures = better post.

See ya later; this message has been delivered from another time.

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