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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Blacktron: A grandiloquent history

The Dark is Rising, the era of exploration ended... they come from the shadows, recesses and crevasses of the distant unknown edge of space.  Those strangers to peace imparted the end to the happy joyful times when scooping up a sample for analysis led to no greater conflict than who got to do the analysis; red or white.  Now there is no red and white.

Now there is only fear.

1987 was marked by a swift departure from the white, blue, and grey of Legoland Space.  A few Classics struggled across the threshold in January, but Blacktron was at the door and knocking.  Harbingers of the end.

They came in waves, first the advance guard: Invading Renegades struck swift like Bats making traks outta hell.

Then they planted their towers, building a dark fortress upon Futuron's Cosmic Laser Launch site. Their colonies towered over the lunar surface like sorcerous strongholds, privy to the knowledge of others divined by crystal radio.

The once bustling moonscapes grew desolate and quiet.  Alienating ruins of a bygone time lay forgotten.  New discoveries were just around the next star system but no longer; now only darkness stalks the craters.

In that twilit hour, a new dawn emerged, in an era of rising conflicts, new alliances formed amid the wreckage of the old galaxies.  The peaceful explorers joined hands with a defense force and mechanics squad to withstand their own untimely doom.

To face off against this combined advance of shadow new roles were devised...

Rebuild the civilian facilities better, faster, and stronger.

defend the planets from those who would destroy the new outposts.

Whatever Blacktron breaks must be restored, so their grip of fear will break like chaff on the threshing floor.

The forces who fought for our future came together to survive, but never grasped peace for long.  The names change, but the conflict never dies.