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Monday, August 22, 2016

Request for my Blacktron Insurgent Secrets

Reader Zoli requested to see how the quarter panels were attached aboard my MOC: 
Blactron Insurgent

Pardon the glare, I brightened it so the piece can be seen.  In the front I've got a recessed side stud brick 1/8th turned which seats in the recess under the airplane cockpit cowl brick.  I attach it beneath the cowl and then press down so it detaches and sits flush.  This isn't truly secured, but my method does keep it in place due mostly to the quarter dome's footprint.  (That's entirely conjecture)

Desperate times call for desperate methods and I say if it sits and sticks it fits. ;)

Here is where the magic happens. The red 1x1 dot holds the plate and round brick apart and 1/8th rotated.  Those are held by an L Bracket which sits attached on two studs.  I didn't have a lot of parts to work with and I know it might appear to be fragile, but whatever that recessed stud brick is doing internally under the cowl... it's rigid.  I would feel comfortable handing this to a kid to swoosh.

That is not something I can say for the dev work I did on my first cockpit for this ship.

You can't see it and I don't have a photograph of it to show... keep in mind this thing was destroyed to make something better, but the cockpit in this iteration is both fragile and stupidly tall next to the main hull.

The side panel was a Tie Interceptor inspired attempt.  Remarkably it worked... the cockpit on the other hand...
This formation wouldn't hold when lifted and was crumbly.  I almost scrapped the whole hull when I couldn't, at first, make the cockpit work.  None of you ever would have seen it, but thanks to Zoli distracting me... voila!  It's a thing, and it's my thing... ill advised though it may be.  I was getting very frustrated after the first hour or 2?

The idea has some merit, but it merits more pieces than 6894 Blacktron Invader provides.

I hope you found this helpful Zoli, and to everyone else, I hope you enjoyed this lookback under the hood of my spaceship.

Sincerely, the Cure-all Pill