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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Lego Space 260: Big Wheels -and an ASIDE

Hello everyone... I'm distracting myself from that review I'm working on by taking up Zoli's request in the comments of 260 You're Under Arrest

As with anything where instructions aren't available I ask that you take my approach as a possible approach to what was.  Since the wheelbase is obscured by wheels... I winged it.

 On this model I noticed the front wheels tapered in, but at first I had the front two even more narrow... that didn't look right so I widened the wheelbase in front.

I couldn't see the base but I felt it should be worthy of its wheels, so I added some unseen bulk and bolstered weak connection points.  I really like the radar dish inclusion on this model.

In the main image which is not big I couldn't see a computer or controls of any sort... and left that oversight alone.  Love the quarter dome windows... a sore oversight of my childhood collection.

But Zoli... I will not leave it at that... Have some more 260 Big Wheelers!

The red grille print is not in the M:Tron theme... I picked one up loose on Bricklink and wanted to use it.  So that's why it's there.  I think it's a good add even if it's not accurate.

The magnet's a little too low to be useful.

As a kid I really loved the tapered space window piece.  As a grownup I find it to be a smidge too long for my inner MOC Artist... The 1999 X-Wing canopy slayed me and became one of my favorite canopies... I bricklinked the red and the blue ones from Alpha Team and hope to do some fun stuff with them in the vast possibilities of someday, one day, soon-ish.  I've had the blue one for a while now. 

Now this one!  I love this one... The eloquent transluscent electric blue color, the clean white and black lines, the twizzler accents... and those big svelte technic wheels.  Also as a kid the way they built the middle absolutely baffled me... I thought it was a special piece... got all of Futuron and there was no special piece to be found... so I figured it out.  Expensive soblem prolving for the winsome.

I like how the nose is built on.  It really is a simple and elegant build.  Technical and tricky, yet clean and elegant.

The camera brick and everything you didn't see in the main pictures from 260 is my embellishment... I felt we needed a satisfying engine for such a rover and had to build it in such a way that it could actually really be there based on the available images.  

More to say have I? nope.  

Three Big Wheelers... I considered the Blacktron Big Wheeler, maybe I'll add it later... I'd like to finish the theme set reviews before getting 260 stuff for the theme assembled since I don't want to complicate the fact that the parts are where they should be for now.

And as an ASIDE... The Spaceship I just built Sunday night after a very long building dry spell (outside of the Blog related ones.)

Because I'd like to show you something you haven't seen before.  This was a quick build... 3-4 hours, no backtracking and I'm happy with how it turned out.  My brother's been using the flat-plate hinge devastatingly well and making me feel like a has been... so I built the tapered cockpit with them and expanded outward and downward.  I tend to build from the top when I don't know what I'm doing... it's one of my eccentricities.  It didn't work for that castle project though... might go back and alter my approach on that one.

Check out the crosshair reticle of the long nose.  I was quite happy that it placed so perfectly without any adjustment.

And very soon there will be another review... just a few alternates and I will put it up... hopefully before next Monday... but maybe I'll delete this hopeful comment if the reality is elsewhere.

Until next time...

Cure-all Pill


zoli said...

My vote goes for the M-Tron, even though I am not a big fan of the series, that seems most finished. Regarding the SP, you have captured it so well! My only concern is that the SP slope is hidden a bit. I would raise it or move it forward or something. Seems to reflect the idea book, but from other angles it just does not do justice to the print. I have also suffered with that, and guess what, I have given up, and dropped it. :D
Handling the idea with a pinch of flexibility, here's what I have built.
...and now I am going to finish my heavy upgrade of the monorail! ;)

The Cure-all Pill said...

You've put together a beautiful presentation... I'm jealous of your arrows you've drawn. The inspired models are very cool, way cooler than the original, but they do justice to the original's idea. In a way my strict adherence actually lessened the design's impact as I went along with it.

Glad you liked the M-Tron... I hardly tweaked it... it's probably the easiest one to guess as their aren't any weird shaping challenges hidden in it.

I have almost all of the M:Tron built... but not the base... it reuses pieces in use and I don't have the appropriate roadplate to put it on.