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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Futuron: Box Retrospective II

Hope you're all warm...I went to my parents home for Christmas and New Years and guess what...I've been stuck here for the past three days.  This is the primary reason for no new posts.  But I am not to be outdone by a lack of a camera, and the lack of an old Lego set.   

Today I have another retrospective on Box art and alternate models.  This is supposed to be the easy part of my blog, but some of these box alternates are nigh unto impossible to find with a simple Google search. 

Here goes.
From Brickipedia
Astro Dart and Lunar MPV Vehicle
Front and Rear

I apologize for the small size, this was the only image I could find.  I hoped to find the images from the backs of the set boxes, but the packaging was glued to the yellow sheet, and as Paul Mison has observed from a box of 1621 the back of the box is blank.

Small as the images are, I can't comment as to their creativity, but I do want to point out the use of the black 4x6 plate on the trailer middle right.  What is going on there???

Interestingly, it appears the alternates were restricted to parts from each specific set to each specific alternate.  This may be fortunate for us, but i think it would have been more interesting if the big backing had combined builds, and these could have appeared on the backs of each set in question. 

Twin Wing Spoiler front

Moctagon Jones
Twin Wing Spoiler Rear
For all its faults Twin Wing Spoiler has a lot of colorful pieces and printed tiles.  Unsurprisingly the back alternate models are vivid.  I think the pair of robots are quirky, and would fit alongside the droid from 1621 Lunar MPV Vehicle. Other than that nothing here inspires, but as a showcase for the parts, this is a nice display.

---From eBay listing, no link provided as it will cease to exist soon.
Orion II Hyperspace

This one was interesting to me, because there is a special offer on the cover; which I found in one eBay listing, and nowhere else.  So, as you can see, here is a special offer for a free Lego Space watch; that's cool.  My Mother always required us to have analog watches as kids, but I could see myself being very excited about a watch like that as a kid. 

Recently Paul Mison, Blogger at Welcome to the Futuron, offered his help in tracking down the back image for 6893 Galactic Starship, aka, SpaceProbe Transporter, aka, Orion II Hyperspace

Tada!  As a model Orion II Hyperspace is a great design with excellent features, and it has some great parts in the mix, but the balance of plates to bricks, and the types of bricks put some odd restraints on construction options.  The bottom left model seems most successful at being interesting, but top right seems clunky, and bottom right sort of reminds me of 6835 Spyrius Saucer Scout.  In general Futuron sets have been a mixed bag of parts; and having worked with the parts in this set extensively, I can safely add that this set isn't going to change my opinion.

Thank you for your help Mr. Mison.  I'm Grateful for your contribution.

I tried to find more information about the Lego Space Watch as well, but alas, it's also proving difficult to find anything about it.

Hovercraft Front

Hovercraft rear

I have to say, some of these alternates look very cool.  I especially like the wraparound window in the large image.  There's a ground based Laser cannon, a robot, and a typical spacecraft that could have succeeded as a set itself by my estimation.  Overall the robot seems underdeveloped, and the laser turret is a bit too thin, but give it a few more pieces from the collection and Hovercraft looks like a strong base from which to get started on some cool projects. 

AirMauro and Dark
Crater Crawler Front

AirMauro and Dark
Crater Crawler Rear

Crater Crawler's alternates wouldn't be complete without a little space station.  That is one of the coolest things about Crater Crawler, it is only a few parts away from having everything necessary for a compelling Space Lab.  Beyond that the alternates include two rovers, which are overall successful, a scooter which is serviceable, two droids, a computer terminal, and a spacecraft.  The Spacecraft struggles with a selection of parts that aren't favorable to such a construction, note the lack of wings, and the forced misuse of the central hinge as it creates asymmetry where it fails to make sense.  Overall this set of alternates gives a good sense of what the Crater Crawler is made of, and also serves to highlight its limitations as a set.

That's all I have for today folks, I trust you will all strive to stay warm in these unseasonably cold temperatures; and so for now, I bid you adieu.


Paul Mison said...

I just snapped up a 1621 with box for what I thought was a reasonable price on eBay, and the back of the box proper is blank yellow. It looks like the only alternative models were on the back of the card.

(If you're willing to spend more than I was on it, the 1620 and its box are also available, but it's more expensive than 1621 was, and I care less about that set. Anyway:

The Cure-all Pill said...

Thanks for checking Mr. Mison, I'll update my post to reflect your findings. And congrats on getting 1621. Based on personal experience that's one of the more costly (or) hard to find sets.