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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Futuron 6875 Hovercraft alternate: Tiny Spaceship

It's been a few weeks since my last entry, and meanwhile I've been keeping tabs on Pluto; it's way cool. This is a false image of the surface's chemical composition.  It's the defining moment of our era.

And that is the era of Space exploration!

My unheralded return comes with another box alternate from Futuron's Hovercaft.

The alternate I have for you today is tiny spaceship.  It's a strong design, bringing to mind actual sets, as if it had presaged their arrival.

I almost fancy Tiny Spaceship more than Vector Detector

Or Super Nova II... but that may just be the Futuron enthusiast in me gawking at the colors.

Tiny Spaceship has the quintessential space canopy which defines the era's small spacecraft and manages to take this general shape off the well trod trail of repetition.  It is a tall vehicle due to its tilted canopy and underbelly rockets.  One might see a dune buggy profile in its lines.

Tiny Spaceship's diminutive design is sleek, and sweeps rearward to form a dramatic delta shape replete with detail.

Tiny Spaceship's aft section features 2 trans dark blue thrusters and 4 wingtips.  The whole model is well apportioned with eye-catching features shared equally throughout.

The canopy swings forward revealing the usual control scheme and offering easy access to the astronaut.  As an aside, I favor these hinged canopies, the era of breaking windows off was a step backward, so falling back into the recollection of collective youth to see advanced designs is singularly uplifting.

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