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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Futuron: 6884 AERO-Module ---alternate 4

The end is is the last 6884 AERO-Module alternate

And it's also really cool, albeit...building it had me racking my brain, and I make no promise that it's right in the bottom rear.

The window drops over the cockpit and floats, it's only propped up by the engine in back.  I was mildly concerned that I was building the ship wrong...again...there was a lot of uncertainty with this one.  But as for the effect...I really like the end result.

Given the window's prime place in the original model, I was concerned this model wouldn't be able to differentiate itself enough.  Turning the window around goes a long way toward making a change, and the mandibles bring out a light SD 200 vibe.  The fixed wings are as forward as can be allowed without throwing off the shape.

I really like reverse swept wings in my own MOC building... not sure if they're worth the additional engineering considerations... but it sure looks cool on this Grumman X-29

As for my uncertain construction decisions...I've photographed my impression of the bottom rear in light of remaining elements.

While they aren't as involved as 6884's wing design, it can be noted that the model does have moving parts... the window rises, and the side lights swing out to... alter the drag coefficient?

All in all a decent alternate is provided in this craft, it's a balanced design, challenging to build with provided picture, and it provides a satisfactory swoosh for small hands...though I may prefer a slightly more imposing weight to size ratio in my own MOCS.

Until next time
The Cure-all Pill

Futuron 6884 AERO-Module --- alternate 3

I have built a spaceship, out of a spaceship... This is another design effort from 6884 AERO-Module.

Overall I've been having a hard time getting enthused about this one, it's what happens when an A-Wing has all the interesting ideas stripped exchange for mounted Artillery on the bow.

So what are the designers attempting here, well... the design is tapering toward the front, and there is an effort to do some shaping.

Wait a minute...I've seen that mug before... those laser eye stalks...

Gasp... It's it's...



where was I?

Oh yeah... hightailing it out of here at lightspeed!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Futuron: 6884 AERO-Module -- alternate 2

This post is another Alternate from AERO-Module; the Volkswagen Beetle of Futuron...

This model comes from the top right corner of the back of the box.

By Futuron standards, it is a very dark alternate.  It's a space rover with a dump truck bed in the back, albeit...not very dump-able as currently built.

The robot has an odd leg assembly, possibly meant to inspire movement of a sort.

Overall the model is a simple quick build featuring move-able antenna since getting your favorite radio station in a crater can be a bit of a trick, and propulsion is provided by the two rockets alongside.

But it does have a few bright ideas in the headlight construction.

By gum, it's an offset construction...nifty!

The empty space in the bed begs to be filled, and to that end I built a small scooter to place in the back using some additional elements from AERO-Module.


But I said dump truck...gotta throw away those broken space ship bits somehow... Robot will do it :)

Aye, It were a beautiful ship once, but now its stuck in with the rest of the garbage.

Two changes were made to the undercarriage with three elements added and two taken away.

And that's a wrap, I hope you've enjoyed...wait a minute...Uh oh! Black-tron's ace cell breaker escaped again, and...there's an unattended parked rover...

Hehe, I've got a Meteor Monitor with just these fortuitous, those silly Space Police won't  realize it isn't mine!  Muaha-hick-cough!

1875 Meteor Monitor

This car is rocking awesome, I only work in black, and more black... mostly.

Me and my robot pal will be the toast of the auto show!

Well, all's well that ends?

Where is my car?
In Danish--- Hvor er min bil?

The Cure-all Pill

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Beacon Tracer + Pulsar Charger = Asymmetry Equalizer

I kept thinking this would be a fun, small mashup, so since I've got the time, here's a new MOC created using two small sets from M-Tron

Pulsar Charger

Beacon Tracer


Asymmetry Equalizer

There are a total of 66 pieces available, and after completion 8 pieces were left, I kept attempting fairly banal designs until I thought back to one of the Beacon Tracer box alts and tried this downward facing look.  Upon adding a scooter to the side I went from nope, nope, nope, to oh my gosh, this!

It's a small one off, but the only limitation I faced was in my brain, once I stopped thinking symmetrically the design hit me in the face and I was done in no time.  

On their own neither of these vehicles is impressive, but when they can attach and detach, now we're onto something.  I certainly want to do something like this again...only bigger!

Don't let small sets fool you, limitations can force you to develop new tactics in your modeling, as you return to the main collection you can take that new idea and incorporate it into something else.

The Cure-all Pill

Futuron 6884 Aero Module alternate

And now it's time for box alternates with Aero Module.  This set is loaded with plates, which, depending on how you build proves a blessing or a challenge, no matter, let's see what the designers left for us.

The main fuselage is thin, as a demonstration of the inherent clutch power of the brick it's a success, and it also clearly demonstrates that length can be achieved quickly without burdening the whole model with many pieces.  The design is very open and frail, 3 engines support the mid and front portions, while a 1x4 plate and two 1x1 plates create simple convincing landing feet in the rear.

The laser cluster up front is cute and imposing all at once, eyelet plates get put on active duty to maintain a light spindly feeling.  It's like a spider web, fragile, but clearly dangerous, the rear white cone vent adds excellent finesse to an otherwise open blank space in the nose.

The rear of the Spaceship seems blank, it has a nice raised tail, but lacks texture, or defining character, scanning through the leftover bits we see several pieces left, surely we can improve on the training wheels model?

Which results in some minor use of blue, and a more textured rear assembly.

But if we're this far, why stop now?  With a few more additions we can produce this burlier version, that just might withstand one more glancing laser blast.  At this angle changes aren't very apparent.

Say? What looks different about these two?

And that wraps up this post, have a happy picture hunt, sincerely,

The Cure-All Pill

For similar sized Spaceships on store shelves, check out:

Galaxy Squad's: 70701 Swarm Interceptor


Galaxy Squad's rival faction: 70702 Space Warp Stinger.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Ideas 21109 ExoSuit Alternatives

This is the back of the LEGO Ideas Exo Suit 21109box

It gives the basic info about the Ideas program, shows off the platform and barrels, and names the green spacefarers.  But it lacks any alternates of any kind.

A good mark of any product from the Danish toymaker is its long term play prospects,  Will this product continue to entertain and delight with its possi-build-ities long into the night.  Does it offer something more?

Here to throw some light on that question, are a few alternates I've dug out of this particular mecha.

First up: Space Corridor, I must profess no skill in the art of Space Corridors, but I know when I see a good one.  ExoSuit seems to provide a good assortment of parts for the task, and in case you missed it, the rims are from SpeedRacer, they look like they've got some good options, and with Speed Racer being neither a new theme, nor a prolific one, this is the only current set to offer the rims at this time.

2nd up: Grand Prix
There are lots of round pieces in ExoSuit, and only a few ways to make them spin freely.  Feeling the challenge coming on I proceeded to build my racer and checkered flag.

Many of the bits, such as binoculars, and mostly the binoculars keep wanting to fall off my sculpted racer.  I've built an engine, free spinning friction-less wheels, headlights, cool steering levers, and a rad spoiler.  The checkered flag is the printed tile from the robot's underside.

Of course, there are other ways to make wheels spin in this model.  My attempt at a scooter didn't turn out so well...Oh wow, inspiration!
Gotta handle hazardous material?  Use these gyroscopically stabilized servo arms.

So I took what I learned and created this reactor leak playset.  Ugh, what a mess...

Finally, I took a page from the Classics and made this callback to Surface Hopper.

And that is Exosuit,  Unlike most of what I review ExoSuit is still easy to find.  If you like it and you want one keep in mind that it is retired and when it sells out its gone...insofar as they aren't making any more.  Nothing's ever truly gone when the Internet is here to help.

Until next time
The Cure-all Pill